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I'm putting this post together in the computer lab because I'm sick of everyone having to look @ facebook's shitty resized versions of all of my pictures. SO here it is; the first post of three (well five actually if you count the two I will be making after we get back from Jersey). Even if you've already seen the pictures on facebook you should look again; these are way better quality.

Okay I have to start off by asking that nobody take my pictures & claim them as their own, always credit me when using them, blah blah blah. My tags are totally not obnoxious this time, so I hope you enjoy the pictures but don't cut the tags off-- that's just rude.

If you're not my lj friend and are here from somewhere else-- I'm including all the pictures from my trip so personal pictures will be in here too-- hope you enjoy and if don't, keep scrolling; Hanson pictures are in here, I promise!

I took over 1200 pictures last weekend so this is only a fracture of them. I swear I had about 500 of the same exact picture of Taylor, haha. ANYWAY-- onto the pictures...

We stopped at Forever 21 and the mall real quick on our way out of Maine, and then we were on our way! FINALLY.

michelle in her home away from home: the backseat.

HOW were hanson trips EVER possible without this thing?

when we got to our hotel we went swimming and ordered pizza-- neither activites were as fun as we thought they were going to be.

"I hope someone recognizes ME from livejournal!" -my mom

we got in line around 7:30. There was NO WAY we were camping out in sketch-ass Providence.

julie and michelle being homeless but cute

I gave julie a ~nick j sticker for her phone. jealous?

it, of course, matched my kevin sticker :D

michelle & me being 4 years old

then we went to shower, and when we came back we had found that THE PIANO TRUCK HAD SIDE-SWIPED MARY'S CAR.
of course.


lunch timeeeeeee! we skipped Blakes and went for subway.


jessica and mary

hey how about we start the fucking walk already! sound like a plan?

too bad it was spelled wrong

"Don't tempt me"



so awkward all the time


oh hello :]

"except it will be more red"


blahhh it was all overcast and we were under an overhang and the lighting was bad and i was cranky

it was a really small walk.

megaphone head

I would like to formally thank the class of 1994.


zac and his new boyf

FAR too emo for me

pretending to care

taylor started making really weird noises everytime we crossed the street
okay maybe once BUT STILL

"Yeah it is new!! Isn't it cool?!"

zac came out orange in like all my pictures

stop being so pouty
actually no, don't stop

looks about 12 here



hahhahaha yup not awkward at all

tee hee

pretty pleased to be done the walk

The pictures from Providence aren't my favorite but I'll be making a post with Foxboro pictures either tonight or tomorrow afternoonish. Hope you liked them!!

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