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Well I FINALLY have this put together; the picture/review/etc post from the Burlington, Northampton, and Hampton Beach dates on the 509830598th leg of The Walk Tour. It took me more time than usual for this round of tour pictures because of the nasty case of appendicitis that knocked me down about 30 minutes after we got home from tour, but now that I'm recovered I decided to put off my overdue schoolwork and crazy finals schedule so I could get this done because I totally couldn't concentrate without it posted.

I didn't take as many pictures as I usually would on this trip because to be honest I was too wrapped up in enjoying it and experiencing it through my eyes and not my camera lens, as cheesy as that sounds. Not only was it my birthday but this trip was also what I had been waiting for and what got me through some of the shittiest months in my life. Aaaand that's enough whining for now-- onto the post from possibly my favorite Hanson trip ever!!!

A lot of you are looking @ this entry and are not my friend/are here from various other places-- this is my post of our whole trip so you're going to see a lot of our pretty faces and the stuff we did other than the walks & concerts in a lot of these pictures. Just ignore us :]

& the obligatory warning;
PLEASE do not remove my tags. I worked hard taking & editing these pictures and they are NOT for the taking. I put the tags pretty much out of your way & discreet on most of this set but please, no matter how easy it is to crop them out, DON'T. If you are in one of the pictures & want the full-sized version, let me know. Also, if you want to purchase one or all of my pictures, feel free to email me :D

ok now we're really starting.


We left for Burlington on the 22nd at around 1pm, an hour after we had originally planned. It took us a little extra time to pack the car, which was an insane job despite the fact that we all attempted to pack as light as possible (Sarah won that game, though). We had a new edition to our trip this time, and that was a GPS. Okay honestly, I don't remember how we went on Hanson trips without these things. It quickly became our new best friend and after a few quick directions we pulled into the Higher Ground parking lot at around 4:30pm, and we were the first ones there. The only problem was the amount of CAMPING PROHIBITED signs plastered literally everywhere around the Higher Ground parking lot. We pretty much got the message and as soon as Carly and Julie arrived, we devised a plan.

Julie set for car-sleeping!

After a quick dinner @ Quiznos, some confrontations with the Higher Ground staff, and some sweet talking of the Dunkin Donuts night crew, we decided to park in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot (which was pretty much in the HG parking lot) and keep watch through the night for other fans getting there to put numbers on their hands. We met Chelsea & her friends Krystle and Kelly and formed a pretty good system for the night.

Julie & Carly excited about their car-bed

dawn @ Higher Ground parking lot after 20 minutes of sleep :\

after everyone who decided to sleep in our cars woke up,
and after a rousing game of ass-crack-of-dawn-tag; we decide to get in line

SO GLAD to be laying down finally.

only slightly homeless.


After breakfast & showers, it was time for the walk!!

well, time for the walk in NORMAL time-- but not Hanson time.
some waiting was required as usual.


oh how I'd missed this.

Isaac trying to sneak up & grab the megaphone from Taylor

the guys :]

omg you guys its starting :[ pretty soon he will be gorilla-man just like is effing brother
ps; nice Dior shirt, Zachary did your wife pick that out?

they all have the same feet.

taylor obeying the law

then it started to ~sprinkle

so of course that was the best time of any to stop & chat

"I'm gonna ditch the mega-phone for now-- even though I do love it so." - Taylor Hanson

too easy

taylor wagging his hand in my face


Isaac decided it was a good time to expose his P.E. scar
it was freaking me out all day.

so animated

this makes me laugh so hard

taylor describing his breast size

taylor coming to the painful realization that his life consists of talking about shoes

So we caught up with Isaac and my mom told him it was my birthday so he was all "happy birthday" etc and I asked him if he had any advice on turning 20 and jesus christ you would think that I asked him to explain the ways of the universe. Basically, after doing an impression of an old man (uhhh yep) he essentially said don't let things pass you by and make everyday count. Totally cheesy, but very Isaac and I loved it. But then he wouldn't shut up. He was like "My son just turned one and blah blah blah" and SOMEHOW that lead to us talking about his health and then that lead to Africa and then that lead to him and my mom having a lengthy discussion about health care and he just went on and on and on. We literally talked the entire way back from our halfway point. If I didn't know it before I seriously knew it then;  ISAAC HANSON IS A RAMBLER. wow.

Isaac using his walker
(this is michelle's picture)

clearly loving isaac as an old man

Isaac & mom

front of the line :]

We made it back to the venue and it was time to take shifts for lunch & other errands so that pretty much took up the rest of the time before the show   ...well we thought so anyway.

So it's 10 minutes before doors and we're psyched about being first in line and everything's great when suddenly-- BAM. The power goes out. Not just at the venue but ON THE ENTIRE STREET. Someone driving an 18-wheeler had hit a pole and that was it. After about an hour and a half of waiting Julie & I were about ready to have a break-down because the chance of the show happening was diminishing by the second and that would mean the 34 hours in the parking lot will have been for nothing and it was just NOT the way we wanted to start our trip. After a lot of cooperation from the security guards, hearing about tons of possibilities for how the show would go down (including Hanson standing on a van in the parking lot for an acoustic set), and after making the evening news-- THE LIGHTS CAME BACK ON. Oh my GOD I have never been so happy to see lights in my entire life. Carly & I shared a mega-hug and we were in and I had a spot front row Isaac in no time :]

The show was AMAZING. Honestly, one of my favorites of all time. Not only was I front row but Isaac fucking LOVED US and literally fucking handed me a guitar pick and omg it was so fun and we were laughing with him the entire time and ahhhhhh it was perfect. I had HUGE bruises on my arms the next couple days from the barricade (that I showed Isaac in Northampton because I am a complete dork) but it was so worth it. :D

We stayed after & Isaac signed my pick, they all signed my birthday set list and Zac & I took a birthday picture!

we are slightly adorable but slightly disgusting at the same time
I love it.


The next morning was MY BIRTHDAY so we took our time & after a mini breakdown in the car we decided to bypass our original plan to visit Boston and just head for our hotel in Hadley, MA. instead we decided to go to the HOLYOKE MALL which is hands down the biggest mall I've ever been in and for like two hours we just pretty much ran around & covered as many stores as we could.

leaving Burlington. idk I thought it was ~funny

my bff or karen filippelli?

so sexual


michelle & I are not lesbians, for the record
but we do hold hands from time to time :D

After the mall, we got takeout and an ice cream cake & brought it back to the hotel where they let us take over the lobby for a little mini birthday party. AMAZINGLY it was Thursday so we got to watch The Office together! It was so fun :]

my mom cutting the cake! was a blue cake

haha they're going to kill me for these but they HAVE to be posted.

there is nothing like a birthday on Hanson tour :]


We woke up on the 25th and headed out for breakfast at one of our usual tour stops, Cracker Barrel. After stuffing ourselves of eggs & pancakes and stocking up on candy, we set out for the venue! Today was a relaxing day-- no line, no bs, and good seats!!

aaaand this is what we found when we got there. Zac being a little tease :]

Carly being the female Isaac

KALEIGH JOINED US IN NORTHAMPTON!!! our group was finally complete!

man muscles!!

(ignore the blatant smudge on my lens in the last two pictures plz)

we had a bit of a wait before the walk!

ahhh finally

zac is such a creep sometimes

Zac being a camera-corn. How silly.


call me

um hi longest walk EVER.

the northampton banners around the city all also said something like "walk into something fabulous"
this city loves to walk, apparently.


I didn't take too many pictures on the walk because a) I was sweating my ass off and b) I was pretty much just walking with Isaac most of the time so its not like I was gonna shove a camera in his face. idk.

ummm my favorite picture ever

when we got back they decided to jump on a bench and O HAY I was like up their noses the entire time.

 huge mouth

it was abouuuuuuuut this time I fell back into love with Zac Hanson.


isaac broke it up, obviously

good job, Zac. just a great job ruining a perfectly good picture.

watch me bleed rock n roll raisin bread

omg I love his little eye wrinkles FRIGGING ADORABLE

knowing he's the shit

Isaac needs a nappy

I feel like his ears don't fit with his head.

I wonder if he like, goes out & buys packs of elastics or just steals other peoples'. I'm picturing Zac Hanson buying elastics at Rite Aid. yeah idk.

he could fucking kill someone with that jaw

no eyeballs.

not bored at all.

snot rocket


look at these assholes :]

After they were done talking a little girl and (what I think was) her mom went up to Isaac to say hello and he was just totally enamored with her and it was ADORABLE. He asked her if she knew why they had walked and she said no and he was so sweet and explained everything to her so well and she listened so intently. It was such a great moment-- he must be just the greatest and most attentive dad.

honestly, isn't she adorable!



kaleigh & I after the walk
sweaty and tired-- but happy!

After the walk we decided to head to THE YANKEE CANDLE FACTORY for another traditional tour stop!!
It would have been great, but half our group got lost and when we got there we had literally 15 minutes to look around before they closed... so we decided to make the best of it & do a running tour of the place :]

honestly we didn't even get to see it snow :[

sarah literally asked "OMG HOW MUCH IS IT?" like we legitimately had room in the car for this beast
hahaha I love her

our traditional safari spot

so many candles, so little time...

After this we headed back to the venue, grabbed a bite to eat & went in for the show. we had 2nd & 3rd row and I took like 5 shit-tastic pictures total because I was too busy dancing and having a fucking amazing time!!!!!!!! plus the small camera I borrowed sucked some serious ass.

Michelle & I in the show between sets
not happy or anything, nope. not us!
:D :D

I don't think I've listened to anything beside sk6ers since we've been home.

I think that is my favorite zac shirt


I was so overwhelmed

haha um

after the Northampton show we all hopped into cars & headed for Hampton Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where we pulled in & hopped in line for a couple hours of sleep by the ocean on our favorite sleeping sidewalk ever :]


this picture makes me nauseous.
meanwhile, would you believe that there are 4 people in this picture?? no, seriously.

good morning, atlantic!


what would I do without this girl?

I fucking love Katie so fucking much.

after FREEZING on the sidewalk for a few hours, it was time for the walk! our last of the tour :[

a clusterfuck of activity

zachary in blue

Isaac taking off his shoes & socks was quite possibly one of the most oddly adorable things I've ever seen.

So Taylor was all LETS GO FOR A WALK ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I was all "uhhhhhh nope"
do you know what that much sand can do to a camera lens? no thank youuuu
so we stuck with the sidewalk for the most part :]

"so you can say you took a long walk on the beach with hanson-- but uhhhhhhhh all items of clothing will stay on..." - Taylor Hanson

when we paused halfway I looked to my left and I was SOMEHOW, MIRACULOUSLY shoulder to shoulder with taylor :] so we just chilled on the sidewalk overlooking the beach & delivered a little speech while we enjoyed each other's company and the view. I may or may not have hummed Sun & Sky the entire time we were standing there :]
.......... yep.

there are like 10000 pictures like this one
ty michelle :]

Isaac was stuck down on the beach while Taylor & Zac were up on the sidewalk and Taylor hogged the megaphone.
he really wanted a turn on the megaphone and had to ask like 12 times and wait forever just to get a second for a quick speech. was kind of funny in a pathetic way

begging for it

like honestly.... this is what I fucking dream about when I think about my perfect day

apparently they don't teach sharing in the homeschooling curriculum!


having his moment ~in the sun

haha he is so excited for it to be his turn

iiiiiiiiiiiiii love you

tay & bre

my mom is kiiiiiiiind of bad ass.

speaking of bad asses, how precious are these two?

michelle b lookin very mother mary or some shit

I didn't even bother with my camera in the Hampton Beach show, even though they were allowed. It was my last show on tour & I wasn't gonna waste it taking pictures and I'm so glad I decided against it. In-concert pictures are overrated and all look the same anyway. Besides the set list was FUCKING PERFECT for our last show (ummm ONE MORE and YOU'RE E-FUCKING-NOUGH HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMFG JULIE & I ALMOST PISSED) and I'm glad I didn't miss a minute of it. The security guards at the Casino Ballroom kicked some serious ass and Julie, Chelsea, Sarah, Michelle & I ended up second row Isaac. Unfortunately the pushing and crowding is always an issue at that venue so it was probably our worst show in a while for that-- but we still had a good time.

... I don't care if it sells liquor it is the most terrible thing I can think of.

Chelsea & I -- aren't we pretty?
we kind of got a group of those around us to make room enough so we could all sit down for about a half hour-- so that was good I guess, all be it fucking terrifying
...also note my mini-harmonica necklace that was a christmas present from Sarah Berry. That bitch came in HANDY and I'm sure annoyed everyone around us. But it passed the time at least.

...I took a picture with him but it I am still hunting for it on people's cameras.
I'll add it when I find it, lmfao.

I love everything that is happening in this picture so much, BUT ESPECIALLY michelle b's FREAK OUT eyes in the corner. ahhhhhhhhhhahaha.

... okay I look like a dude.
with Michelle B & Katie, two of the fucking raddest girls I know
waaaaah I miss them :[

Unfortunately, Michelle (K) had to leave with her family right after the show @ Hampton Beach :[ I was really sad she wasn't there to wait for the guys to come out with us and have breakfast with us the next day. Like really, really sad.


We stayed in Seabrook, NH at a SURPRISINGLY good Holiday Inn Express after the show and the next morning those of us left in the group packed up our cars & drove back to Hampton Beach for breakfast @ the coffee shop (BEST/CHEAPEST/FASTEST FOOD EVER) and some photo ops.

We all look like we have been hit by a bus but that's part of the beauty of these I think--

ladies of the sea w/ the lady of the sea

...oh my god these are the greatest people on earth and that is one of my favorite places on earth.
also note that when we decide to do WACKY POSES that is the wackiest pose sarah could think of
ha;sdlkgahsd;lagkhs omg <333333

if you haven't noticed, ugly face pictures are one of my very favorite things
it is my dream.


... just one thing stays the same :]
(complete with my best attempt at zac bangs)

...I can't wait to do it all over again and I'm so sad this trip is over.
I love my old friends, and the new ones we met along the way this time and I wouldn't change anything about us and what we do or love. These things are what make my life and I'm so glad it is the way it is :]

Enjoy!! :D
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